VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems offer powerful floor-to-ceiling cleaning, plus fast and easy cleanups of frequent daily messes. Homeowners love our quick-clean products, like Vroom, and Spot, and now their popularity is spreading to businesses, hair salons, vet clinics, hospitals, and more!


  • Advanced no-clog technology is 5-times more powerful than any portable, ensuring maximum cleaning power every time you vacuum, perfect for cleaning up lots of hair!

  • Powerful vacuum motor is located in a remote area, so your workspace stays quieter while cleaning, quieter than a hairdryer!

  • Largest selection of quick-clean accessories, which are installed near messy, high-traffic areas for instant accessibility for fast cleanups.

Which product is best for your business?

  • Vroom®
    -up to 24' of retractable hose installed in cabinets near messy, high-traffic areas for fast cleanups.

  • Spot
    -stores up to 15' of retractable hose in central vac tubing (in the walls) for on-the-spot cleaning in smaller areas (often installed in laundry rooms).

  • Chameleon®
    -is also available for larger work areas. In-wall tubing stores up to 50' of retractable hose until needed, one inlet covers up to 2200 sq. ft.

  • VacPan
    -installed in a cabinet toe kick or baseboard in any room, a tap of the foot switch gives your broom the power of a central vacuum.

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