Did you know that most central vacuum systems use universal installation components and your old system can usually be upgraded in less than a day with minimal disruption? For comparable cost to a new upright vacuum, you can upgrade your existing central vacuum to a new, powerful unit with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Increased Cleaning Power
An installed VACUFLO DB7000 Power UnitCentral vacuums have up to 5-times the power of a traditional upright vacuum and unlike a portable vacuum, which recirculates some of the dirt and particles it picks up back into the air, central vacuums remove 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, debris and allergens from your living area. 

Customized, Convenient Cleaning
When upgrading your power unit, it is a great time to discuss upgrading your conventional system to a Hybrid Chameleon Retractable Hose System! Or, add a Vroom quick-clean accessory in your kitchen or a Vroom Retract Vac in your garage!

Upgrade to a Bagged Unit for a Dirt-Free Experience
With several bagged unit options, they offer a clean, dirt-free experience for any size home! Simply release the bag unit, remove the adhesive backing on the cover and seal! You'll never have to come into contact with vacuumed dirt or dust again! And, the large bags last an average home approximately a year.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
VACUFLO central vacuums are sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty meaning you'll never need to buy another vacuum for as long as you live in your home!

Increase in Home Value
A central vacuum can increase resale value of a home by $1500 or more. Like other built-in appliances, it is an excellent selling feature.

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